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According to 2 Kgs. He is credited with Ft Hillsboro cheating milfs reign of twenty-nine years, and Samaria is said to have fallen in his sixth year, which would make the latter date or BC at the earliest. But we cannot put the fall of Samaria later than BC, as it occurred in Sargon's first year.

On the other hand it is stated in 2 Kgs. Box, The Book of lsaiah, pp.

Others would regard the as a conjecture, based on the statement in xx. But the Babylonian embassy must be before BC, and the sickness earlier.

See Skinner, i and ii Kings, p. We are still left, however, with the statement in 2 Kgs. But it is quite clear that in reporting the last days of Samaria, the compiler has misread or miscopied his sources, for the Assyrian record itself suggests that Hoshea was not in the city when it was captured Sargon does not mention his namewhile 2 Kgs.

Only so can the chronology of these years be understood, for on any calculation at least eleven years which, owing to looseness of reckoning, might be twelve elapsed between the appointment of Hoshea and the Housewives looking real sex Fluker Louisiana 70436 of Samaria.

The 'ninth year' of Hoshea mentioned in 2 Kgs.

Dating of battle of carchemish

Skinner, i and ii Kings, p. If we can assume Isle of Harris sexy fuck the original stated that it was in the fourth year of Hezekiah that Samaria actually fell, we can understand that this might be interpreted as meaning that it was in that year that Hoshea ceased to reign, and the knowledge that the city held out for two or three years after his deposition would introduce the sixth year as the date of the fall of the city.

The compiler himself would - very naturally - be confused as between all these figures, and produce the statement we actually have in his effort to harmonize. If, then, we may Women wants sex tonight Fossil that Samaria fell in the fourth year of Hezekiah, and that Sennacherib's invasion took place in the twenty-fourth, we arrive at the consistent date of BC.

This carries us back to division C. Here we are at once Wife want nsa MS Shelby 38774 by an obvious discrepancy of at least twenty-one years between the figures given for Israel and those of Judah, the latter being the longer.

Dating of battle of carchemish

By placing the fall of Samaria in the fourth year of Hezekiah instead of the sixth, we reduce this discrepancy to nineteen years, but that is still too long to be ascribed to looseness in reckoning odd months. Chatroulette adult free SantAgostino obvious resource is to reduce the reign of Jotham, and assume that the total figure, sixteen, includes the years during which he was co-regent with his father.

Thus we might obtain a superficial harmony between the two lists by assuming that Jotham's independent reign lasted only seven years and that his father reigned forty-two instead of fifty-two years. But while we might Sex services at Columbus reach a scheme which would produce internal consistency in the Biblical figures, we should still be far from a final solution, for we should have to take into the Assyrian evidence, which is decisive where it can be.

Hoshea was deposed in BCat the latest, possibly ingiving, at most, a period of years between the two events, as against the which is the minimum offered by the Biblical figures.

How are we to get rid of these twenty-five years? Local horny moms in Minneapolis light is thrown on this problem by a further discrepancy.

Menahem paid tribute to Tiglath-pileser in BC, and Pekah was dethroned in at the latest. Yet twenty-two years are ased to the reigns of Pekahiah and Pekah. It seems fairly clear that we must reduce the reign of Pekah to two years instead of twenty, and it Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Morgan City more or less a matter of taste as to where we deduct the other seven or.

Perhaps Menahem reigned for two years only, or perhaps Jehu's figure should be twenty or that of Jehoahaz ten.

Jehu's is, perhaps, the reign in which reduction can most readily be conjectured. This has the advantage of bringing the accession of Jehoash into the year following the great Assyrian raid on Damascus which apparently so reduced its strength as to facilitate Ladies seeking sex Naalehu Hawaii recovery of Israel which began under Jehoash.

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We thus reach the following table:.